The Justeez League is a creative collective based in South Africa formed by the Justeez League of Riches and consists of 6 members, who's skills and talents include singing, songwriting, rapping, composing and producing:

The members are Ant-life, who is the founder of the Justeez League of Riches, a multi-faceted company, which was established in 2012. He is the lead vocalist, songwriter and producer. These qualities are further backed up by Blck Buda, who is a co-founder and producer. The group is also accompanied by the first lady, Ani Appleseed, who is a lead and backup vocalist along with, MC, rapper and songwriter, F Idol. The vocal capabilities of these artists are brought to life on the productions by SOLR, who is the head producer for 'the League' and his contribution includes composing, backup vocals and rapping.

The creative collective(or band really)is aimed at producing music that is capable of, redirecting the norms of society with motivation and imagination, through a variety of musical influences such as, Outkast, Gorillaz, Little Dragon, Madvillain and Amy Winehouse. These influences can be heard on thehardcore rap performances delivered by F Idol, an individual who is best summed up by theraw edge of the first letter of his name! Or perhaps you would enjoy some angelic tones withheartfelt lyrics, a treat best served by Ani Appleseed! What about an experience that is hot, cold, sweet with a pinch of sour? Introducingtongue-fu, a skill that has been mastered by Ant-Life using his singing and rapping. This half of the group is quite the opposite to the other members, who can be regarded as ' the mysterious half'. This includes Black Buddha andPRFX, who are to be blamed for adding 'weird' and 'hectic' to the image and sound, which can be heard through their eerie productions and vivid lyrics!


  • 291 Valhalla Street, Ruimsig Country Estate,Mogale City, South Africa, Earth, 1739
  • (+27) 78 310 7563